Masterʼs of Science, Southern Connecticut State University, Special Education.

Bachelorʼs of Science, New York University, Elementary and Special Education.

Annie started at Haskins Laboratories as the pioneer SCSU intern. After receiving her Masters, she became a Special Education/ELL teacher in Florida. Annie later returned to Haskins as a research assistant for a study on how skilled and less-skilled readers read in order to better understand the causes and treatments for reading disability. She then became the Research Coordinator for the Yale Reading Center (Housed within Haskins Laboratories).

Annie was appointed the Coordinator for Educational Outreach in 2013. Her goal is to build relationships with schools to facilitate a strong exchange of research and application, which is of dire importance to ensure that the work done at Haskins Labs, as well as other research institutions, is accessible to professionals in the field and that there is a constant open dialogue of what works, what helps, and what we need more of.

If you work in the education field, are a parent, or are simply interested in learning more about the work we do at Haskins, please feel free to contact Annie. (See Contact Info)

Research Interests:

Behavioral testing & assessment, reading acquisition & remediation, second-language learning, global literacy programs in developing countries and other at-risk areas, conference (and party) planning.

Current Projects:

Learning and Consolidation Study: The goal of the study is to observe the process involved when learning a language. Examining how the brain consolidates language learning, may eventually lead to better methods to teach language and look at where the process breaks down on those who struggle with language learning.

The Yale Reading Center is committed to conducting significant research on reading and reading disabilities that may someday benefit all children who struggle with reading. Through our various research projects, we hope to further our understanding of dyslexia and of the brain pathways used in reading. Currently, our research is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Haskins Training Institute: HTI was formed in 2011 to provide direct educational opportunities in the areas of language and literacy for educators, parents, scientists, clinicians, and students at all post-secondary levels. For decades, Haskins Laboratories has been at the forefront of scientific investigation in the areas of speech perception, speech production, and reading, as well as language disabilities, including speech- sound disorders and dyslexia. HTI serves to communicate this knowledge to the public through an array of seminars, small conferences, and intern and training positions.

Haskins Global Literacy Summit: The first Haskins Global Literacy Summit will be held in New Haven in the spring of 2015. Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders from several countries (along with researchers, clinicians, and educators) will come together with Haskins and NIH partners to make tangible progress on four themes:

1) Professional development opportunities for early childhood specialists in partner countries.

2) Training opportunities for scientists and clinicians from partner countries with the latest tools and techniques for early language and cognitive assessment, literacy practices, and remediation.

3) Development of new research studies on early language and cognitive development in diverse high-risk environments.

4) Support for initiatives employing new technologies to support early childhood language development as well as later numeracy and literacy learning.


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