B.A., Neuroscience, Hamilton College

Current Work

Data analysis of language related neuroimaging studies in the Pugh Lab

Research Interests

Dyslexia, Multimodal Language, Bilingualism


Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, San Francisco, CA (April 2013)

Poster Presentation “A situation at hand: Sign language learning dynamically re-organizes spoken language comprehension and the brain”

Hamilton College Summer Research Presentation, Clinton, NY (October 2013)

Poster Presentation “4D‐EEG Neuroimaging of Real‐World Communication

Research Experience for Undergraduates Presentation, Grand Forks, ND (August 2011)

Poster Presentation “Effects of Early Cadmium Exposure on Zebrafish Neurovascular Development

Previous Experience

Language, Action and Brain Lab (PI: Jeremy Skipper), Hamilton College

Darland Lab, Biology Dept, University of North Dakota

Ruffin Lab, Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan


Haskins Laboratories
300 George Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Tel 203.865.6163
Fax: 203.865.8963