Airey’s research interest involves studying the behavioral and neurobiological basis of complex learning mechanisms on a developmental spectrum using various neuroimaging techniques. She received her degree in M.Sc. Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology at University College London and Yale School of Medicine. Airey is currently responsible for coordinating the Acquisition of Reading Comprehension Study at Haskins Laboratories under the supervision of Dr. Kenneth Pugh and Dr. Jay Rueckl.

Educational Background:

M.Sc. Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology (University College London & Yale School of Medicine) B. Arts & B. Sc. Honours Arts and Science, and Psychology (McMaster University)

Research Experience and Related Fields:

Research Associate at Haskins Laboratories
(Research Project: The Nature of Acquisition of the Speech Code and Reading)

Research Scholar at Yale Child Study Center (Research Project: Child Anxiety and Parental Exclusion: an ERP study)

Research Student at Brain Injury Services of Hamilton (Research Project: Enhanced Self-Awareness Training in the Acquired Brain Injury Population)

Research Student at McMaster University Visual Development Lab (Research Projects: Perceptual Completion in Children and Adults Varies with Prime Duration and Motion Direction

Tuning in Young Children and Adults Varies with Stimulus Speed and Size)

Teacher at English Intuition Hong Kong

Teacher Assistant at McMaster University


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